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Saturday, July 24, 2010

visa (part 2)

Initially I thought I can apply a simple student visa. However after seek an advise from house office permit in Oxford, they want me to apply Tier 5 temporary worker visa.

needed documents:
1; offer letter
2; financial evidence
3; rental aggrement
4; certificate of sponsorship ( from university abroad)
5; translated marital cert ( if you bering your husband)

and lots more which i cant remember by now!!
16 Aug 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UK visa (part 1)

My visa has been approved. Phew!!!!. Last year I applied for US visa. I was turned down on my first application. So this time I really took extra caution..because if they reject your application, its really waste of your time.

US visa - they interviewed you as you are going to do something wrong over there.

UK visa - interview is conditional only.

My advise to those who want to apply for visa, please read again and again the requirement.

I have been log in into their website almost 1001 times!!

However, again their website did not really spell out what are the supporting documents that are needed! It depends on you what type of documents you think can support your application.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ibu oh ibu...

Didalam saya berperang utk menyiapkan dokumen keperluan visa, tibe-tiba emak saya dikampung diserang stroke. Berkejar pulang kekampung sambil menjaga emak selama seminggu.

Kehidupan mak sudah berubah hampir 95% kini. Terpaksa mengharapkan bantuan orang lain hatta untuk mengubah kedudukan posisi baringan dari kiri ke kanan. Saya tidak sanggup membayangkan jika perkara yang sama berlaku terhadap diri saya.

Meminjam kata-kata seorang rakan, "if i have a heart attack and died, its fine with me but if i have a stroke, i will never forgive you"....

Ya Allah...apakah kesudahannya..........